Hessische Landesvertretung
Competition: Acquisition

The design for the "embassy" of the State of Hessen in Berlin which houses the the offices doing business' with the Federal Government of Germany was inspired by the play 'Amesia' in Italo Calvino's 'Invisible Cities'. The building was developed as a spatial sequence leading the visitor from the urban space through interior spaces into private exterior spaces and into the garden.

Urbanistically the building takes its place in the circle of the other buildings of the German states with its own face and personality. The 'Villa' building type was applied in a varied form.

The house consists of multiple volumes with two dominant structures that form an atrium. Open, glazed and enclosed volumes connect and form a complex arrangement which can be experienced as a spatial continuum.

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 Vertretung Hessen
 Smith / Terry Loft
 Berlin Köpenick
 Berlin Karow
 Thesis UC Berkeley