A Spa Across Cultures - Thesis, UC Berkeley

The 'Spa Across Cultures' is located adjacent to the ruins of the Sutro Baths and revitalizes its specific history. The site at the Pacific Ocean with its special 'Lands End' feeling offers a powerful experience of nature, which evokes an animism that intensifies the act of bathing. The bathing experience provided by the 'Spa Across Cultures' contributes to an understanding of a universal nature in mankind, irrespective of cultural and ethnic background.

Fascination for the diversity and cultural richness of the society existing in the city of San Francisco led me to the idea of creating a 'Spa Across Cultures'. It incorporates the common and unifying elements that water has in the daily reality of every person, regardless of individual cultural heritage. The pursuit of cleanliness, and its more rigorous cousin purity, offers the bather a profound sense of well being, both physically and emotionally. The bath, under propitious circumstances, is an informal ritual that awakens the human mind to the existence of the body and vice versa. A spa as a place of regeneration and relaxation could contribute to a better understanding of these transcendent elements of human nature across all cultures.

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 Vertretung Hessen
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